Understanding the Crises

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In 2008, the subprime crisis saw and today's EuroZone crisis is still seeing apparent superstars of the financial markets lose billions, CEOs' legacies destroyed and the financial system changed forever. Understand what was happening, what instruments were being bought and sold, and who some of the key protagonists were - not just the losers but, often more interestingly, the winners too - to enhance your knowledge when it comes to applications, interviews and assessment centres.

Workshop designed for...

Any student with a good understanding of the financial markets (see The Anatomy of an Investment Bank or Financial Markets Overview workshops if you feel that you need

more of a grounding first) and who wants to learn more about the key financial disasters of this century from a trader who was working on a floor throughout.

This workshop will also give you the chance to ask any questions you may have about what actually went on but that you cannot find out from the internet. Sometimes you just need to ask someone direct and have the opportunity to continue with follow up questions. This seminar and discussion group provides that to you so that you can be fully informed with both historic, and up to the minute, information to aid you with your studies, applications and interviews.

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