The Anatomy of an Investment Bank

10:30 AM

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How does Corporate and Wholesale Banking fit in with Private Banking. Where do Equities roll up, and why do some banks call it simply Fixed Income whilst others call it FID or FICC?

What do the terms 'Front Office' and 'Back Office' mean and which is for me?

It may sound basic, but unless you understand the structure of an investment bank, how will you know which division to apply to and what to talk about at interview? In this workshop you will learn quickly about the segregation of Front Office through Middle Office to Back
Office as well as about different business functions including Private Banking, Asset Management, Investment Banking and Securities. We will also go in depth into Trading & Sales and Mergers & Acquisitions.

FinanceInterns workshops are presented by Square Mile employees, so we can take you to the heart of these disciplines, covering the current news stories affecting each desk and even going so far as to explain what Morgan Stanley means by FID versus Goldman Sachs'
FICC departments.

The Anatomy of an Investment Bank workshop is perfect for internship, placement and graduate programme applicants. Sixth form and work experience level students are also welcome if they are serious about Banking as a career. Otherwise the Financial Markets Overview workshop may be more appropriate.

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