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  • Females In Finance

    More and more women are enjoying greater levels of success in the financial markets than ever before. If you're a female and would like to learn more about successful City & Wall St females, please join this workshop

  • Understanding the Crises

    In 2008, the subprime crisis saw and today's EuroZone crisis is still seeing apparent superstars of the financial markets lose billions, CEOs' legacies destroyed and the financial system changed forever. Understand what

  • The Anatomy of an Investment Bank

    How does Corporate and Wholesale Banking fit in with Private Banking. Where do Equities roll up, and why do some banks call it simply Fixed Income whilst others call it FID or FICC? What do the terms 'Fronts Office'?

  • Mock Assessment Centre

    Simulation of a trader's morning call, a mock M&A interview and interactive examples of the group exercises being run during this year's IB Assessment Centres - perfect pre-interview preparation whether you're looking fo