The Do's & Don'ts of Video Interviewing



12/03 2015

Video interviewing is becoming increasingly popular in the graduate job process. To make sure you are fully prepared we have two handy tips for you.

Take the stage and practise Talking in front of a camera does not come naturally. When you see presenters and celebs on TV looking relaxed, it’s because they’ve learnt to feel comfortable in front of a camera.

According to Sue Campbell, media training specialist, feeling assured on-screen takes practice.

Sue says, ‘The key issue is confidence in front of the camera and being positive to somebody who isn’t there. It is actually harder to do than if somebody was sitting in front of you. Practice is fundamental to enabling you to present yourself in the right way; a lot of practice. Practise on your own, or with a friend.’

Many laptops and PCs have a video recording facility. You can use this to record pretend conversations and then watch back.

  • Do you wave your hands in the air?
  • Do you pull faces?
  • Can you hear yourself clearly enough, or do you mutter?


  • Do you slouch in your chair, or fidget too much?

Get friends and family, or even a tutor to critique your performance, and then work on it. ‘Don’t look down or away to answers on a piece of paper,’ says Sue, who recommends you make notes as bullet points. Look into the camera, not into the screen, to create the impression of eye contact.


Don’t hurry your words and take your time in answering to ensure the interviewer has finished asking you the question. This will ensure you avoid talking over the interviewer - especially if there’s a slight time lag because of the online connection.

Video interviewing need not be stressful and in fact it may take some of the pressure off as you are able to conduct the interview from home and don’t have to worry about travel time, traffic congestion and costs.

However, video interviewing does come with its own set of stresses:

  • Broadband connection problems
  • Webcam malfunctions
  • A noisy house or an unexpected phone call

It is worth remembering that video interviewing is a trend which many argue will subside and in the meantime although companies may use video interviews at the initial recruitment stage, these are not a substitute for face-to-face second interviews and final selection.

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