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RBS Group – An international financial services company, RBS Group is based in Edinburgh and operates a wide variety of banking brands in the UK, Europe, North America, and Asia. The company offers its customers Personal and Business Banking, Private Banking, Insurance and Corporate Finance services.

RBS Group offers various Development Programmes such as Graduate Programmes as well as Internships that run throughout the year, allowing you to choose the time that suits you best so you don’t miss the chance to experience the financial industry while improving your CV. Moreover, RBS also offers a School Leavers Programme that consist in four different type of events that range from 2 days to 18-month. These are “Career Insight Programme”, Apprenticeships, Work experience Programme and Employability Bootcamps.

With a recently announced new plan for the future, RBS Group is now mainly focused in increasing customers’ trust and service experience that will allow the company to grow even more. Therefore building an engaged and inclusive workforce is now the company’s priority.

Working together, thinking long-term and judgement with thought and integrity are some of the core values of RBS Group that is committed to provide its employees with a positive professional and friendly work culture. If you’re curious about working at RBS Group, Apprenticeship insight days are held regularly, which could be a very good opportunity to make connections that will help you get your career on track.