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Rothschild – A successful international Global Financial Advisory business with approximately 900 advisers in 40 countries around the world, Rothschild is a world leader in the provision of impartial, expert advice to governments, corporations, institutions and individuals. The company provides its clients with long-term solutions and advises on mergers, acquisitions and disposals, strategy, corporate governance as well as debt and equity financing and business restructure.

As a trusted adviser to many companies, governments, families and individuals around the globe, Rothschild invests significant resources in attracting, developing and retaining talented individuals. The company offers a wide range of programmes such as Graduate, Internship and MBA that are certainly an exceptional opportunity to kickstart your career in the finance industry. Moreover, Rothschild also provide a programme called “Spring Insight” that aim at first year students on a three-year degree course, or second year students on a four-year course who are considering a career in financial advisory. This programme is available in the UK.

With such a wide range of opportunities offered by Rothschild, this is an excellent company that will allow you to learn from the brightest minds of the industry and increase your knowledge and set of skills.